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STARBUCKS - Guatemala 

Hey Mattea Fleischner,


I went to Nicaragua to film a couple coffee farms in April. I would love for you to check out some of the footage bellow:

I focus on human connection and believe that videos can tell stories that inspire and change the world. I started my own company so that I can work with like minded companies. Starbucks is high on my list because of initiatives like this tree distribution program. I would be honored to work along side you guys to bring my filmmaking and story telling expertise to the table and bring the world face to face with other families that they can connect with and have a greater understanding of our relationship. 


I have a full production set up that includes a Red Raven camera, audio, lights, gimbal, drone, and all the other needed gear to create very high quality cinematic films to help tell the story best. 

I meet all the equipment, shooting, and deliverable/delivery requirements.

If you have more questions about gear please reach out. 

Mattea I live just north of Seattle and would love to meet up over some coffee 😀 


Looking forward to hearing back hope we get to work together soon,


Joshua Thomas Gray

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