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$1,500 Corporate videos with a $1,500 matching donation to the tax deductible NP New Generation Ministers.  

Corporate films at at only $1,500 ($5,000+ value) to 12 companies. You can claim this promo bellow by also making a donate a minimum of $1,500 to the tax deductable non profit. This really is a Win-Win-Win. 

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About this video production promo

WHAT: affordable high quality corporate video with a matching donation to one of our non profits. 


WHY: This video production promo program helping non profits raise money to create a high quality video to spread the stories of the lives they are changing. Videos are consistently the highest performing marketing tool available. 

I have worked with NP but many don’t have budgets to pay for a video that will be effective. That is how after years of thinking through different business models we came to this plan. 


HOW: We are offering corporate films at a crazy low $1,500 (easily $5k and up value) to a limited amount of people who also donate a minimum of $1,500 to the non profit that we are partnered with. This really is a Win-Win-Win. 

New Generation Ministries Haiti. 

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