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Bringing strength and hope to students through mentorship.

Through your purchase and matching donation, Anthro helps provide a video for a nonprofit that is changing the world. 

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About this video production promo:


We are offering corporate films at $1,500 ($5,000+ value) to 12 organizations who also donate a matching $1,500 to the nonprofit that we are partnered with. This really is a Win-Win-Win.



Videos are consistently the highest performing marketing tool available, but many nonprofits don’t have budgets to pay for this type of tool. This promo solves that issue for nonprofits and companies, providing high-quality video to advance their mission and the mission of a charitable organization. 


You will be paying Anthro $1,500 to cover the production costs of your corporate video and you will be making a donation to Partners for Schools, Be the One Community Mentoring Program.  

Partners for Schools is a 501c3 nonprofit organization Our tax Identification number is 27-3867910. Your contribution is tax deductible as allowable by law.



  • 1 interview 

  • 1 shooting session of 1-6 hours at 1 location 

  • Full 4k Camera package 

  • Audio/light package 

  • A high quality 1-3 min video showcasing the human story of your business.

  • End graphic-Call To Action (you will provide branding and logo assets)

  • Delivered 4k digital download for use online and internal.


Upon approval, the production schedule will be 6-12 weeks. 


Anthro is a full-service video production company providing original content and commercial work specializing in bridging the gap by telling powerful human stories. We partner with like-minded companies and nonprofits and together we are “doing” the work to change the world. We bring your story to life in a high-quality videos that can be used as a tool to advance your mission. 





Be The One Mentoring program:  One Student - One Adult - One Hour

We mentor students to bring strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow.


Through your purchase and matching donation, Anthro helps provide a video for a nonprofit that is changing the world. This gives your company a high-quality and affordable video to help grow your business, but it also gives Be The One a tool (video) they need to grow!


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