We are anthro.

Sharing stories that inspire, give hope, and cause action. 

People matter and their stories will change the world.

Anthro is a full-service production company working with organizations who are making a difference in our world. We create high quality and meaningful content to grow your audience and achieve long term goals. 

We would love to collaborate with you on your projects. Let’s change the world.

Our goal is unity. We move to listen, tell stories, give hope, build a community, and cause action in our community.

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We want our clients to spend more meaningful time with their people. When we start to focus on spending meaningful time with individuals, we build trust and empathy. 


Over time we create a strong and loyal community that shares with others why your organization matters to them.We are seeing around 10-30% month over month growth in time spent and people joining in on social networks.


For our clients our success lies in defining the core value of the organization and creating meaningful content that effectively communicates their purpose and values. 

A customer who not only loves your product but believes in your mission is worth more in a lifetime then any other kind of customer.  That single individual is everything. 

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Anthro Partners

Long Form Content

Long Form Content, is content like daily vlogs, podcasts, youtube videos or igtv that we can publish and then reuse. Once the long form content is created and published, we break down what is performing well into Micro Content. We can handle everything from start to finish or help develop what you’ve started.

Key Results

  • Create a video series

  • Reach a video time goal of 6-15 minute episodes

  • Reach an average audience per video retention rate of 42%

  • Work with influencers per year on original content 

  • Podcasts are filmed to post on YouTube and podcast platforms

  • Consulting of YouTube channels, podcasts and existing content

Micro Content

Micro Content is content that is proven to perform well. We break down high performing parts of the Long Form Content and create platform specific assets to publish. Micro Content is important because it leads people back to your Long Form Content and multiplies the ways it can be shared out.

Key Results

  • Create specific content for digital platforms

  • Provide trusted analytics for all content

  • Create additional content from what performs well

  • Provide consulting on existing content and digital marketing

Meet The Team

We are a plug and play, content creating, machine. We have developed a system and team to create high quality and meaningful content. Our focus is to grow your audience and achieve your long term goals. You instantly gain a full team with all the tools needed to get going. 



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